Buying Solar Panels For Your Home

Solar panels that are installed on the roof of your home can save you money on your monthly energy bill. Avoid any solar energy company that calculates your payback based on 100% self-consumption. There is a standard distance size between solar panels that one should follow. Although solar panels are meant to sit on roofs in direct sunlight, they actually become less efficient as they get warmer, due to the physics of the photovoltaic effect.

Together, roofing and solar power make perfect sense, and we expect to see many more solar installations and clean energy integration in the future. I would like to thank Jerry, Michelle and the rest of the gang to expedite our roofing and solar project to meet the time.

Due to the fact that solar installation involves working with panels and equipment that produce several hundred volts of electricity in the sunlight, there are some very serious safety issues that must be understood before you consider installing solar panels or PV system components onto your home.

A small south-facing roof will limit your space for panels, decreasing the possible size of the array. The rest of this website contains lots more information on everything you could possibly need to know about solar energy. On batteries, unless you can find someone who will work with a classic inverter like an Outback or a battery system add-on like offered by Schneider, you may not be able to use traditional cost-effective solutions like AGM lead-acid batteries.

Costs of solar systems can be reduced with incentives, ask your installer about these solar power camping incentives. Check out how we test solar panels. Panels facing in other direction will work but not produce as much electricity. An energy efficient home after solar system installation will repay your solar energy investment more quickly.

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